Error 404 (for Images and HTML)
Error 404 (for Images and HTML)
This feature is not possible with Abyss alone. The technique I'm about to show you, will allow you to display a Image or an HTML error based on the type of request. Enjoy!

Read the following guide and you will have Image/HTML error 404 support within just a few minutes.

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How does the Error 404 (For Images and HTML) work?

The server will look at the Error 404 request sent and determine the file type. If the request was an image, the error image will be sent, but if it is another file type, the HTML error will be sent. This is
a great way for alerting people of images that no longer exist on your server.

I'm interested, how do I use Error 404 (For Images and HTML) support?

Make sure you correctly installed PHP before you begin. This will not be possible without PHP installed. PHP Tutorial (Windows), or you can use AbyssUnderground's tutorial. Aprelium also provides a tutorial for use with their Pre-Configured PHP package. (Recommended)

Note: Aprelium's PHP Tutorial, shows you how to install PHP for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. I recommend this to the non-Windows folks.

First, you need to download the file and save it to your htdocs folder. Now you must unzip your file and open error404.php and edit line #13, "$image" option. Assuming your "error_image.png" is in your htdocs, we will use: $image = "error_image.png";

Configuring "Abyss Web Server" for Error 404 (For Images and HTML).

Open your Abyss Web Server console and click on the Host you wish to configure. Go to "Custom Error Pages." Click Add, and add the following settings.

Error Code: 404
Associated URL: /error404.php

After you copy the following settings, click OK and restart Abyss Web Server. To test it, simply link to an image that does not exist on your server, or request a non-image file for the HTML error. Well, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful tutorial. C ya!

Note: The HTML Error 404 code is in your error404.php file. Feel free to change the HTML with your own if you don't like Abyss Web Server's default 404 error.

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