Enable FastCGI For All Perl Scripts
Enable FastCGI For All Perl Scripts
This is a hack provided by Aprelium Technologies, Abyss's creator. You will be able to enable FastCGI for all of your Perl Scripts after reading this guide. Enjoy!

Read the following guide and you will be able to enable FastCGI for all Perl Scripts within just a few minutes.

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Let's get to the Hacking...
How does the "Enable FastCGI For All Perl Scripts" work?

When you configure Perl, it will take one Argument that adds the FastCGI code to every single Perl Script. So when you start any Perl program, it will run in FastCGI mode. This is still considered to be Experimental, but it works very well. Cool huh?

I'm interested, how do I enable FastCGI for all Perl Scripts?

Make sure you correctly installed Perl before you begin. This will not be possible without Perl installed. Perl Tutorial (Windows), or you can use AbyssUnderground's tutorial. Aprelium also provides a tutorial for Perl (Recommended)

Note: Aprelium's Perl Tutorial, shows you how to install Perl for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X,
and FreeBSD. I recommend this to the non-Windows folks.


Download PerlFCGI.zip from:
http://www.trustabyss.com/hacks/downloads/PerlFCGI.zip (Includes FCGI)

Unzip the "PerlFCGI.zip" file to any folder on your computer and do the
following steps. This will be very easy to follow.

Step #1

Copy the following files to "C:\Perl\lib"

    -> Persistent.pm
    -> FCGI.pm
    -> FastCGI.pl

Step #2

Copy the following folder to "C:\Perl\lib\auto"

    -> FCGI

Step #3

Open your Abyss Web Server console and click on the Host you wish to configure. Go to
"Scripting Parameters", and change your current Perl settings too:

    -> Interface: FastCGI (Local - Pipes)
    -> Arguments: "C:\\Perl\\lib\\FastCGI.pl"

After you checked over your settings, restart Abyss Web Server. Now you can start using
FastCGI with Perl. Well, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful tutorial. C ya!

Here's a sample Perl script that you can use to test this hack with.

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