Directory Listing Mod 06
Directory Listing Mod 06
Read the following guide and you will have a Fancy Directory Listing within just a few minutes. Click the small thumbnail on your left for a screenshot, or continue reading for instructions.

Current Version: 2.1

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Let's get started...
Who created this "Directory Listing" Mod?

Well, technically, I did, but Andy gave it a complete makeover with some very cool icons and new features. I give this person some credit for their hard work and dedication to Abyss Web Server. I hope you guy's enjoy this Directory Listing Mod.

Note: CmXFlash, also did some work on this, so he also gets credit for this. I would like to thank this person for their hard work and dedication to Abyss Web Server.

I'm interested, how do I install this "Directory Listing" Mod?

Make sure you correctly installed PHP before you begin. This will not be possible without PHP installed. PHP Tutorial (Windows), or you can use AbyssUnderground's tutorial. Aprelium also provides a tutorial for use with their Pre-Configured PHP package. (Recommended)

Note: Aprelium's PHP Tutorial, shows you how to install PHP for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. I recommend this to the non-Windows folks.


Download from:

Unzip the "" file to any folder on your computer and do the
following steps. This will be very easy to follow.

Step #1

Copy the following file to your website folder (htdocs)

    -> listing.php

Step #2

Copy the following folder to your website folder (htdocs)

    -> icons

Step #3

Open your Abyss Web Server console and click on the Host you wish to configure. Go to
"Directory Listing", and change your settings too:

    -> Type: From Script
    -> Script: /listing.php

After you checked over your settings, restart Abyss Web Server. Now you can start using
your Directory Listing. Well, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful tutorial. C ya!

Open "listing.php" in a code editor for more configuration options.

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